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  • Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh uses odd birthing analogy to talk about first day of training campChargers head coach Jim Harbaugh uses odd birthing analogy to talk about first day of training camp
    The Jim Harbaugh Era has gotten off to an odd start in Los Angeles, as the new Chargers head coach had a weird way of categorizing the first day of training camp. Harbaugh, who returns to coach in the NFL after leading Michigan to a national title, spoke with reporters after the first full day of training camp on Wednesday, and he said it felt like "New Year’s Day."However, what he followed up with made things a bit awkward.CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM"It feels like being born. It feels like coming out of the womb, you know. It’s like you’re in there and it’s comfortable, it’s safe, and now ‘poof,’ you’re born," Harbaugh said, via the New York Post. "The lights are on, It’s bright. You got chaos, people looking at you, people talking at you. It just feels good to have it happen."Certainly, an odd way to talk about returning to the pros, but Harbaugh’s eccentric characterization of his new Chargers post brings about all the optimism and joy that comes with the new addition to a family. Chargers fans rejoiced when Harbaugh signed a five-year contract with the Chargers, and Los Angeles made it worth his while to leave the Wolverines’ program with $16 million per season. Harbaugh was linked to the Chargers since Brandon Staley was fired after an absolute beatdown by the Las Vegas Raiders, 63-21, in December. After what he was able to do over nine seasons at Michigan — three Big Ten titles and his national championship last season — fans see this veteran addition at head coach as the perfect fit with a roster that’s still very talented. Quarterback Justin Herbert is locked in as the team’s franchise signal caller, and someone that Harbaugh can be creative with given his own quarterback background. But, while he’s building chemistry with his new head coach at camp, Herbert didn’t necessarily think about his first day in the way Harbaugh did. "I’ll leave the analogies to him," Herbert said, per ESPN. "He’s done a great job at creating those, so I’ll support whatever he says. We’re just out there playing football, and my job is to throw the ball, so that’s what I’m going to worry about."Herbert’s job is to throw, but things in Los Angeles may look pretty different with Greg Roman joining Harbaugh as offensive coordinator. Harbaugh’s teams at Michigan have been known to be run-heavy, and Roman reunites with Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins, two running backs he worked with in Baltimore during his time with the Ravens. But no matter if they are running or throwing the ball, the Chargers will take wins either way. That’s the only thing Harbaugh and his squad care about. Follow Fox News Digital’s sports coverage on X, and subscribe to the Fox News Sports Huddle newsletter.
  • Webpage that rated Kamala Harris the 'most liberal' senator in 2019 suddenly disappearsWebpage that rated Kamala Harris the 'most liberal' senator in 2019 suddenly disappears
    GovTrack, an organization that tracks congressional voting records, confirmed to Fox News Digital it had removed a 2019 web page that ranked Kamala Harris as that year's "most liberal" U.S. senator sometime within the last two weeks.The self-described "government transparency website" scored Harris as the "most liberal compared to all senators" in 2019, outranking Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at the time. But the web page with the ranking, which was widely covered in news reports during the 2020 election, was recently deactivated. The link now displays a "Page Not Found" message. The Internet Archive shows the page was deleted sometime between July 10 and July 23, with some on X claiming the page was still up on July 22.President Biden announced his decision to suspend his campaign and endorse Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee on July 21. Harris announced in the early hours of July 23 that she had secured enough delegates to lock up the nomination at the DNC next month.MONTAGE: LIBERAL MEDIA TRIES TO DOWNPLAY KAMALA HARRIS' BORDER RESPONSIBILITIESWhen reached by Fox News Digital, GovTrack founder Joshua Tauberer said the page was removed because the company adopted a policy "several years ago" to end its single-year ratings of lawmakers to only do ratings based on Congressional sessions, which are two years."We determined that the limited data available in a single year was not sufficient to create a reliable portrait of the activity of legislators, particularly given the ebbs and flows of the legislative calendar, and therefore did not serve as a useful tool to our users and the American public," Tauberer said. "We subsequently took down the previously-published single-calendar-year statistics for the same reason."Tauberer confirmed to Fox News Digital that the page was removed sometime in the last two weeks, but did not give a specific date. Asked why the pages weren't removed when single-year report cards were abandoned years ago, he said, "I was focused on more impactful aspects of our work."Tauberer said the organization was still publishing report cards based on two-year congressional sessions and pointed Fox News Digital to Harris' existing 2020 web page, which ranked her ideology as the "most politically left compared to Senate Democrats" for the 116th Congress. She was ranked the second most liberal in all the Senate behind Independent Sanders. At some point in October 2020, GovTrack changed its ranking language from "most liberal" to "most politically left."The group's analysis is based on senators’ "legislative behavior" and their record of sponsoring or cosponsoring bipartisan bills, which it says "only takes into account a small aspect of reality."The analysis in 2019 showed that Harris joined bipartisan legislation "the least often compared to Senate Democrats."AXIOS HIT WITH COMMUNITY NOTE AFTER CLAIMING HARRIS WAS ‘NEVER BORDER CZAR’The Trump campaign cited the rating after Biden announced Harris as his running mate in 2020, pushing back on a New York Times feature that described Harris as a "pragmatic moderate.""Reminder: GovTrack ranked Senator Kamala Harris the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate in 2019, farther left than Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and even Bernie Sanders," the campaign sent in an August 2020 email. "Kamala Harris is a radical left-wing liberal, despite what the New York Times may say."Harris' 2019 rating came back under scrutiny this week after Biden endorsed Harris as his successor on Sunday, releasing a bombshell letter informing the American public that he was answering the mounting calls to suspend his re-election campaign.Harris confirmed that she would run for the Democratic nomination, writing in a statement, "I am honored to have the President’s endorsement and my intention is to earn and win this nomination."As Harris heads toward the Democratic nomination, her allies in the media are now suggesting it's unfair to pin the thorny issue of illegal immigration on her.Axios was particularly roasted Wednesday over a piece insisting Harris wasn’t the "border czar" that seemed to contradict its own previous reporting. The outlet was even forced to update the story by admitting it had "incorrectly" called her a "border czar" in the past.Harris has received endorsements from former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as several Democratic lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y, and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
  • Vikings' Jordan Addison says he was in 'dark place' after recent suspicion of DUI arrestVikings' Jordan Addison says he was in 'dark place' after recent suspicion of DUI arrest
    Jordan Addison quickly became a fan favorite in Minnesota, but he had a rather eventful offseason.Earlier this month, the Vikings wide receiver was arrested on suspicion of DUI near Los Angeles International Airport.Addison was allegedly found asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle on Interstate 105, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Sunday, citing an arrest report. Responding officers found a white Rolls-Royce blocking one lane "with the driver asleep behind the wheel," according to the report.CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COMIt wasn't Addison's first incident behind the wheel. Before training camp last year, Addison allegedly drove 140 mph in a 55 mph zone in a Lamborghini.Addison apologized for that incident, but he said this most recent one put him in a "dark place."However, he says the support he received got him through it."I didn't think it was going to be how it was, but it was really important. I was in the dark place. I was feeling down, and they really uplifted me, uplifted me to come out here and just perform at a high level still," Addison said at training camp on Wednesday. "So, through everything that's going on, I'm going to put it behind me and I'm still going to perform at a high level, come out here, give the fans, what they pay for."TEXANS STAR DEREK STINGLEY JR. IGNITES BRAWL AT TRAINING CAMP AFTER LAUNCHING INTO TEAMMATE"Whatever's out there for me," he added, "whatever comes with it, I'll own up to everything. I feel like anything that comes my way is meant to happen or is deserved."He just completed his first season with the Vikings after being taken No. 23 overall in the first round of the 2023 draft. He had 70 catches for 911 yards and 10 touchdowns as he received a ton of extra targets due to the injuries Justin Jefferson suffered throughout the season.Now that T.J. Hockenson will begin the season on the PUP list after suffering a torn ACL late last year, targets still figure to be there for the 22-year-old.The Vikings selected J.J. McCarthy with the 10th overall pick this season, and he figures to be in a QB battle with Sam Darnold in camp.Fox News' Ryan Gaydos contributed to this report.Follow Fox News Digital’s sports coverage on X, and subscribe to the Fox News Sports Huddle newsletter.
  • LAURA INGRAHAM: Kamala Harris' campaign has 'no real substance'LAURA INGRAHAM: Kamala Harris' campaign has 'no real substance'
    Fox News host Laura Ingraham predicts a shallow campaign for Vice President Kamala Harris’ election on "The Ingraham Angle." LAURA INGRAHAM: Theatrics, celebrity endorsements, manufactured enthusiasm — that is going to be the mainstay of the Harris campaign. It's all razzle dazzle and no real substance… Don't for a millisecond get sucked into the Kamala cult of cool, the Kamala meme factory on social media. There's apparently one pretty smart Democrat, I think, who has doubts about whether she can win.  ADAM SCHIFF CLAIMS HE WASN'T PART OF 'COORDINATED EFFORT' TO FORCE BIDEN OUTRemember, we've heard for years that the Obamas didn't really think much of Joe Biden, didn't think he was very smart. Well, imagine what they think of Kamala — yikes. Now, more than ever, in a dangerous world, with an over-leveraged United States, we need a real president — not a figurehead who answers only to her donors and the far, far left. 
  • White House condemns pro-Hamas agitators in DC: 'Disgraceful'White House condemns pro-Hamas agitators in DC: 'Disgraceful'
    The White House condemned the anti-Israel agitators who descended on Washington, D.C., on Wednesday in protest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress. "Identifying with evil terrorist organizations like Hamas, burning the American flag, or forcibly removing the American flag and replacing it with another, is disgraceful," White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a comment to Fox News Digital Wednesday evening. "Antisemitism and violence are never acceptable. Period. Every American has the right to peaceful protest. But shamefully, not everyone demonstrated peacefulness today." ANTI-ISRAEL AGITATORS STAGE MASSIVE PROTEST IN WASHINGTON, DC, AMID NETANYAHU'S US VISITHundreds of pro-Hamas protesters gathered in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday where they were seen lighting American flags on fire, scrawling graffiti outside Union Station and chanting "Allahu Akbar."'CHICKENS FOR KFC': NETANYAHU RIPS CEASE-FIRE ACTIVISTS IN SPEECH TO CONGRESS AS TLAIB SILENTLY PROTESTSAgitators at Union Station, which is located near the U.S. Capitol, burned an American flag and vandalized a statue with the words "Hamas is coming." They also removed American flags and replaced them with Palestinian flags instead. Netanyahu delivered an address to Congress on Wednesday amid his nation's war against Hamas, which has raged since October. Amid his remarks, Netanyahu tore into cease-fire demonstrations that have played out across the U.S. since the war began. HARRIS BOYCOTTS NETANYAHU, SNUBS ISRAELI LEADER'S WARTIME ADDRESS TO GIVE SORORITY SPEECH"I have a message for these protesters. When the tyrants of Tehran, who hang gays from cranes and murder women for not covering their hair, are praising, promoting and funding you, you have officially become Iran's useful idiots," Netanyahu said.REPUBLICANS SLAM HARRIS FOR OPTING OUT OF NETANYAHU ADDRESS IN FAVOR OF SORORITY SPEECH: ‘SHAMEFUL’"Some of these protesters hold up signs proclaiming ‘gays for Gaza.’ They might as well hold up signs saying, ‘Chickens for KFC.’ These protesters chant, ‘From the river to the sea,’ but many don't have a clue what river and what sea they're talking about."The White House's condemnation of the agitators comes just ahead of President Biden's address to the nation after he bowed out of the 2024 presidential race on Sunday amid mounting concerns over his mental acuity.
  • US military detects, intercepts Russian fighter jets, 2 Chinese H-6 bombers prior to Biden's addressUS military detects, intercepts Russian fighter jets, 2 Chinese H-6 bombers prior to Biden's address
    Ahead of President Biden’s first address in the Oval Office since announcing he was dropping out of the presidential race, the North American Aerospace Defense Command Public Affairs (NORAD) says it sent out fighter jets to intercept two Russian Tu-95 "Bear" bombers and two Chinese H-6 bombers off the coast of Alaska.In a press release, the agency confirmed that it detected, tracked, and intercepted two Russian TU-95 and two PRC H-6 military aircraft operating in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on July 24. NORAD fighter jets from the United States and Canada conducted the interception.NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERTS WARN AGAINST ‘CHAOS’ OF US ELECTIONS AS HARRIS ENTERS RACEThis is the first time Russia and China have flown a joint bomber patrol off Alaska, Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson reported. This report came less than an hour before Biden was set to address the nation in his first public address since he announced he would not be running for a second term in office.IRAN'S ASSASSINATION PLOT AGAINST TRUMP LATEST ATTEMPT TO KILL AMERICANS ON US SOIL"The Russian and PRC aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace. This Russian and PRC activity in the Alaska ADIZ is not seen as a threat, and NORAD will continue to monitor competitor activity near North America and meet presence with presence," the agency said.It has not yet been determined if this is related to Biden's address. Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson contributed to this report. 
  • Katie Ledecky speaks out on China swimming doping scandal, hopes for 'clean' OlympicsKatie Ledecky speaks out on China swimming doping scandal, hopes for 'clean' Olympics
    Twenty-three Chinese swimmers were given the OK to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 despite testing positive for trimetazidine, a banned substance used as a heart medication.However, the World Anti-Doping Agency said the swimmers' tests had come up positive due to "inadvertently being exposed to the substance through contamination," a claim initially brought by the Chinese Doping Agency.With the Paris Games' opening ceremony later this week, it's the first Olympics since the scandal, and decorated United States swimmer Katie Ledecky is skeptical.CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM"I hope everyone here is going to be competing clean this week. But what really matters also is, were they training clean?" Ledecky said Wednesday. "Hopefully, that's been the case. Hopefully, there's been even testing around the world."There is an ongoing U.S. investigation of the suspected doping by the Chinese swimmers, drawing the ire of the International Olympic Committee. While awarding the 2034 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City Wednesday, the IOC pushed Utah officials to do what they can to stop the FBI probe."I think everyone's heard what the athletes think. They want transparency. They want further answers to the questions that still remain. At this point, we're here to race. We're going to race whoever's in the lanes next to us. We're not the ones paid to do the testing, so we hope that the people that are follow their own rules. That applies now and into the future."The WADA said there had been "misleading information" spreading in the news, which led to its response. It said it had been given a tip by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency as early as 2020 — before this case arose — about allegations of doping cover-ups in China but that USADA never followed up with evidence.GOD 'STEPPED IN AND SAVED' DONALD TRUMP FROM ASSASSINATION, JAKE PAUL SAYSHowever, the WADA says it "reviewed this case thoroughly" and "concluded that there was no concrete basis to challenge the asserted contamination."The agency says it "followed all due process and diligently investigated every lead and line of inquiry in this matter."The 30-member Chinese swim team won six medals in Tokyo, including three golds. Many of the athletes still compete for China and are expected to swim at the Paris Olympics.Ledecky is a seven-time gold medalist who will be competing in her fourth Olympic Games.The Associated Press contributed to this report.Follow Fox News Digital’s sports coverage on X, and subscribe to the Fox News Sports Huddle newsletter.
  • NBA rejects Warner Bros. Discovery media rights bid; TNT broadcasts to likely cease after next seasonNBA rejects Warner Bros. Discovery media rights bid; TNT broadcasts to likely cease after next season
    The state of the NBA's television rights has been a hot topic partly due to the popularity of the longtime running studio show "Inside the NBA," which features Ernie Johnson and former NBA greats Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith.Despite being one of the league's media partners for the past few decades, TNT's parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has lost its broadcasting rights deal to competitors. On Wednesday, the NBA rejected a bid for WBD to exercise its right to match an offer from Amazon for a part of the league's 11-year, $76 billion media rights deal.The NBA released a statement saying WBD's proposal fell short of the terms of the rival bid from Amazon."Warner Bros. Discovery’s most recent proposal did not match the terms of Amazon Prime Video’s offer and, therefore, we have entered into a long-term arrangement with Amazon," the league said. "Throughout these negotiations, our primary objective has been to maximize the reach and accessibility of our games for our fans. Our new arrangements with Amazon supports this goal by complementing the broadcast, cable and streaming package that are already part of our new Disney and NBCUniversal arrangements."CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COMThe league also stated that each of the media partners it decided to move forward with are dedicated to promoting the NBA. "All three partners have also committed substantial resources to promote the league and enhance the fan experience," the statement noted.In late May, the Sports Business Journal reported that the NBA was expected to begin formalizing deals with Disney, Amazon and NBC. However, before the contracts receive final approval, WBD leadership would be afforded the opportunity to match the "total value" of other offers, according to the report. NBA REACHES NEW, RECORD-SETTING MEDIA DEALBut, the announcement of the deal does not mean that the saga has reached a conclusion. It sets up a high-stakes battle between the NBA, WBD and, effectively, TNT Sports. Mediation could be the next step, but if the parties are unable to reach a resolution, things could end up playing out inside a courtroom."If TNT does file a suit, it could lead to more talks and a possible compromise with other NBA rights or financial possibilities being the outcome," The Athletic reported.TNT Sports released a statement pushing back against the claim that it failed to meet Amazon's offer."We have matched the Amazon offer, as we have a contractual right to do, and do not believe the NBA can reject it. In doing so, they are rejecting the many fans who continue to show their unwavering support for our best-in-class coverage, delivered through the full combined reach of WBD’s video-first distribution platforms — including TNT, home to our four-decade partnership with the league, and Max, our leading streaming service. "We think they have grossly misinterpreted our contractual rights with respect to the 2025-26 season and beyond, and we will take appropriate action. We look forward, however, to another great season of the NBA on TNT and Max including our iconic ‘Inside the NBA.’"In May, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed confidence that at least two of the "Inside the NBA" stars will continue to cover the NBA for years to come, regardless of which network holds the broadcasting rights."We’re never gonna lose Charles and Kenny," Silver said. "They’re always going to be covering the NBA. … I can’t imagine those guys [on ‘Inside the NBA’] won’t be performing and announcing together in the future, and we all love them."Barkley reportedly has a clause in his contract that allows him to go elsewhere once TNT's NBA deal runs out. But, earlier this month, Barkley made the shocking announcement that he would retire from broadcast television next year."I’ve been thinking, guys. I want to say this because you guys are my family. I really love TNT, all the people who work here, NBA Television — you guys have been great to me for 24 years. I just want to say thank you to my entire NBA family. I love you guys," Barkley said. "There’s been a lot of noise around our network the last few months. And I just want to say, I’ve talked to all the other networks, but I ain’t going nowhere other than TNT. But I have made the decision myself, no matter what happens, next year is going to be my last year on television." The league's current media rights deal will expire at the end of the 2024-25 season.Follow Fox News Digital’s sports coverage on X, and subscribe to the…
  • Country star Lauren Alaina cancels concerts to mourn death of her fatherCountry star Lauren Alaina cancels concerts to mourn death of her father
    Lauren Alaina's father, J.J. Suddeth, died Tuesday, the country singer announced on social media.The "Road Less Traveled" singer shared that she was canceling a few concerts to mourn with family."We lost my daddy last night, and I really don't have words yet," she shared in an Instagram post. ABDUL ‘DUKE’ FAKIR, FOUR TOPS SINGER, DEAD AT 88"I want to let y'all know that I'm not able to play the three shows I had scheduled for this weekend in Savannah, Virginia Beach, and Charlotte as I am going home to be with my family."Her father's cause of death was not immediately known.LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS"Thank you for your prayers and understanding," she wrote before signing off her post with "Pinky," a nickname given to her by her dad.APP USERS CLICK HERE TO VIEW POSTAlaina had been on the road touring with Jason Aldean, and she was also scheduled to perform at the Carowinds Summer Music Festival. Representatives for Alaina did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTERLauren honored her father last month in a series of snaps from her wedding day posted on Instagram. "Happy Fathers Day to "my old man" with a heart the size of Texas!! I love you so much daddy and hope you have the best day fishin’," she wrote. "Love, your turd (pinky)."APP USERS CLICK HERE TO VIEW POSTThe country music community showed support for Alaina during her difficult time. Martina McBride wrote, "Sending you so much love."Trisha Yearwood said, "I love you. So very sorry.""We are so very sorry for your loss! Your Opry family is sending you lots of love and comfort to you and yours," the official Opry account commented.Brantley Gilbert offered "prayers to you and the family! Here for anything y'all need."Christie Brinkley wrote, "May precious memories of your happiest days together remain fresh forever. Heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. He raised a sweet daughter."
  • Have battlegrounds shifted with Harris at top of ticket?Have battlegrounds shifted with Harris at top of ticket?
    President Biden’s decision to drop out of the race and Vice President Kamala Harris’ rise to the top of the ticket have thrown the state of the race into question and possibly shifted the battleground strategy.Biden was trailing former President Donald Trump nationally in the Real Clear Politics polling average and the seven major swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, but underlying data could reveal what Harris might do to change that.While polls showed Biden holding his own among older, white working-class voters, the president was starting to lose his grasp on Black and Hispanic voters, a key demographic for Democrats. Harris, on the other hand, has recently been outperforming Biden among Black voters, indicating there is room for her to gain ground on Trump in a close election.HARRIS REPEATS DEBUNKED CLAIM TRUMP WANTS TO 'BAN' ABORTION DURING FIRST CAMPAIGN RALLY SINCE BIDEN QUIT RACEAccording to one Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted last month, Harris held a 67% favorability rating among Black voters, compared to 23% who had an unfavorable view of the vice president. Biden, meanwhile, came in with a 63% favorable rating, compared to 31% who held an unfavorable view of the president.An NBC News poll conducted earlier this month revealed similar results when pitting both Biden and Harris against Trump, with Biden beating Trump 69% to 12% among Black voters, a 57-point lead, while Harris led the former president 78% to 14%, a 64-point advantage.When Biden was still in the race, most of the swing state attention was given to the so-called "Blue Wall" states in the upper Midwest of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, Harris’ strength among Black voters could lead the vice president to look south towards Georgia and North Carolina as opportunities to close the gap.DEM VOTERS AT MILWAUKEE RALLY SAY THEY'RE FIRED UP FOR HARRIS: 'UNITED AND ENERGIZED'According to 2020 census data, Georgia and North Carolina have a Black population of 31% and 20.5% respectively, far more than the populations of Michigan (13.7%), Pennsylvania (10.9%), and Wisconsin (6.4%). On the other hand, those states in the upper Midwest have a higher share of older White voters, a demographic in which Biden was outperforming Harris.Polling of a matchup between Trump and Harris is so far sparse, especially in battleground states, but there are some early indications that Harris may look south for help. One Landmark Communications poll, which was conducted Tuesday, shows Trump with just a one point lead over Harris in Georgia, a smaller advantage than most of the polling had previously shown the former president enjoyed in a matchup against Biden.While winning both Georgia and North Carolina would likely not be enough to put Harris over the top, her ability to put them in her column would open up several more viable paths to victory. Without them, Harris would likely need to win all of the other five swing states in order to get to 270 electoral votes.The Harris campaign did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.


  • US military detects, intercepts Russian fighter jets, 2 Chinese H-6 bombers prior to Biden's addressUS military detects, intercepts Russian fighter jets, 2 Chinese H-6 bombers prior to Biden's address
    Ahead of President Biden’s first address in the Oval Office since announcing he was dropping out of the presidential race, the North American Aerospace Defense Command Public Affairs (NORAD) says it sent out fighter jets to intercept two Russian Tu-95 "Bear" bombers and two Chinese H-6 bombers off the coast of Alaska.In a press release from NORAD, the agency confirmed that they detected, tracked, and intercepted two Russian TU-95 and two PRC H-6 military aircraft operating in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on July 24. NORAD fighter jets from the United States and Canada conducted the interception.This comes hours before Biden was set to address the nation in his first public address since he announced he would not be running for a second term in office."The Russian and PRC aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace. This Russian and PRC activity in the Alaska ADIZ is not seen as a threat, and NORAD will continue to monitor competitor activity near North America and meet presence with presence," the agency said.It has not yet been determined if this is related to Biden's address. This is a developing story. Check back for more details. 
  • Kansas man creates large portrait of Kamala Harris in field after Biden announces exit from raceKansas man creates large portrait of Kamala Harris in field after Biden announces exit from race
    A Kansas man is sending a political message using agriculture-inspired art in a tribute to Vice President Kamala Harris. Stan Herd, creator and owner of Stan Herd Arts and a contributor with Earthworks, created a large mural in a field in Lawrence, Kansas, of Vice President Kamala Harris, who is now running for president on the Democratic ticket."I've long been on the political progressive side. I've long believed that women should be in leadership, not just in the United States but around the world," Herd said as he explained his reasoning behind the portrait. Herd said this was not his first piece of art related to the vice president. He also did a portrait of her and one of Biden when they were elected four years ago.HARRIS’ MIXED RECORD ON ISRAEL ENTERS SPOTLIGHT DURING NETANYAHU VISIT"I created a portrait of Kamala Harris back then as his VP, hoping that Biden would fulfill his promise to be a stepping stone to the new generation," Herd said. Herd said the portrait took 12 days of work and 25 yards of mulch and was created using the Earth’s natural resources."It’s just exciting to be involved and traveling around the country," Herd said. "I am hoping that it reaches people and makes some difference.TRUMP FLAG PHOTO JOINS PANTHEON OF IMAGES THAT CAPTURE AMERICAN RESOLVE, ERASE POLITICAL DIVIDES"I started to do a Gretchen Whitmer piece and actually started to lay out the image, and then things happened that made me realize I needed to wait. So, two days ago, we put a question mark in there. And we will be working as quickly as possible when she makes that decision or the party makes that decision on who the upcoming VP will be. Then we will be out there on the field creating that portrait," Herd said. HARRIS' BACKING OF BAIL FUND DURING GEORGE FLOYD PROTESTS DAMPENS TRUMP 'PROSECUTOR' CAMPAIGN PITCHHerd said he does understand retaliation for his work is always a possibility and said it would just be another part of his story if anything like that were to ever happen. "It is time to take the temperature down in this political thing, and it's not going to go down in the next four months, but I hope it does, obviously, when this comes to its conclusion," Herd said.  Herd, now 73 and a native of Kansas, has been doing artwork for 40 years, and it's been featured in 13 states in the U.S. and across the world in China, Cuba, Australia and Brazil.  
  • Trump shooter was not only suspicious person at Butler rally: Pennsylvania State Police CommissionerTrump shooter was not only suspicious person at Butler rally: Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner
    BETHEL PARK, Pa. - In addition to would-be Trump assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks, other suspicious people were noted by security at the Butler, Pennsylvania event, Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Christopher Paris told the House Committee on Homeland Security. "Was [Crooks] the only one determined to be suspicious that day?" Rep. Andrew Garbarino asked Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Christopher Paris on Tuesday. "No, he was not," Paris replied."They identified Crooks for not matriculating," Colonel Paris said. "Crooks never made it through the secure perimeter into the venue space itself."TRUMP SHOOTING: TIMELINE OF ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW GUNMAN EVADED SECURITYThere were at least two other suspicious people identified and tracked by the law enforcement that day - but after spotting Crooks with a rangefinder, he became a "special individual," who was "even more suspicious," he said.Law enforcement officials spotted 20-year-old Crooks at about 5:10 p.m. on July 13, identifying him as a "suspicious person of interest." At 5:41 p.m., about 20 minutes before former President Donald Trump took the stage, a sniper spotted Crooks looking at his phone and a rangefinder, snapped a photo and sent it to the "Sniper Group" chat. FBI DIRECTOR WRAY REVEALS 5 KEY DETAILS ABOUT TRUMP SHOOTERS' STASH OF EXPLOSIVES, WEAPONS"There was a text thread that was going," Paris said on Wednesday. "They took a photo of him at some point when he utilized the rangefinger. The suspicion was heightened... I know from an interview that was immediately relayed in the command post to the Secret Service."Just over ten minutes later, the Secret Service spotted him on the roof of a building about 150 yards away from the podium where Trump was set to address the crowd. A law enforcement officer was assigned to monitor the roof of the building - but a whistleblower told Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley that the officer left their post because it was "too hot."Less than 20 minutes afterward, Crooks fired a volley of shots from the roof.DETAILS ABOUT HOW TRUMP SHOOTER SCALED BUTLER RALLY ROOF EMERGE IN FBI DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER WRAY TESTIMONY"Before [Trump] went on to speak... just to be clear, [Crooks] was determined to be suspicious," Paris said. "There was no information that he possessed a weapon."Crooks was also determined to be suspicious because "he was walking around and not moving into the venue," Paris said."Just for some context, there were over 100 people that day that necessitated or required medical attention due to the heat, there was a missing six-year-old," he added.Fox News Digital did not immediately hear back from local Butler law enforcement, the Secret Service, and Pennsylvania State Police regarding any suspicious people identified or detained at the rally on July 13.Fox News Digital's Audrey Conklin contributed to this report.
  • SEE IT: The most dramatic photos from Wednesday's pro-Hamas Washington, D.C. protestsSEE IT: The most dramatic photos from Wednesday's pro-Hamas Washington, D.C. protests
    Pro-Palestinian protesters descended on Union Station in Washington, D.C. Wednesday after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed Congress.
  • Details about how Trump shooter scaled Butler rally roof emerge in FBI Director Christopher Wray testimonyDetails about how Trump shooter scaled Butler rally roof emerge in FBI Director Christopher Wray testimony
    BETHEL PARK, Pa. – FBI Director Christopher Wray said that his agency is still not certain how Thomas Matthew Crooks accessed the roof of the building where he took aim at former President Donald Trump – but they don't believe he used a ladder.Despite the fact that a "bloodied receipt" found on Crooks' dead body included a 5-foot ladder purchase, Wray told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, his agency believes that "the subject climbed onto the roof using some mechanical equipment, on the ground and vertical piping on the side of the AGR building" on July 13."In other words, we do not believe he used a ladder to get up there," he said in Washington, D.C. TIMELINE: TRUMP ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT"We did not find the ladder at the scene," Wray told Rep. Steve Cohen. "He did buy a ladder. But the ladder was not found at the scene.""The ladder didn't have any feet on it – it didn't walk off," Cohen joked in response.FBI DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER WRAY TESTIFIES ABOUT TRUMP RALLY ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTThe Home Depot where Crooks purchased the ladder is a brief drive from his family's home on Milford Drive in Bethel Park. Home Depot has not responded to Fox News Digital's requests for comment.Wray said outdoor events, like concerts and political rallies, are "often... particularly challenging to secure adequately, because the range of threats that can face them are higher."TRUMP SHOOTER MADE CHILLING GOOGLE SEARCH ON DAY HE REGISTERED FOR BUTLER RALLY"In addition to that... just threats to public officials, including politicians, is an increasingly pervasive part of today's landscape. And so that adds to the challenge," Wray continued.Using drone footage from the scene of the shooting at the Butler Farm Show grounds, Fox News contributor Paul Mauro pointed out possible access points to Crooks' vantage point earlier this week. A hallway adjoining the building to another beside it provided an access point where Crooks could have clambered onto the roof, Mauro said. An air conditioning unit seen from above may be where he stashed his AR-15 ahead of the rally, sources told Mauro. TRUMP SHOOTER MADE HOME DEPOT VISIT PRIOR TO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTWray's testimony on Wednesday revealed other new details: on the day he registered to attend the rally, Crooks conducted a Google search for "how far away was Oswald from Kennedy."Wray also elaborated on Crooks' stash of weapons, including two explosive devices found in his vehicle near the Butler rally and one more in his home.Based on his online activity, Wray said, 20-year-old Crooks "became very focused on former President Trump and his rally" around July 6."That's a search that obviously is significant in terms of his state of mind," Wray added.
  • Michigan man dead after saying he'd confess to ATV crimes targeting Trump, law enforcement supporters: policeMichigan man dead after saying he'd confess to ATV crimes targeting Trump, law enforcement supporters: police
    A Michigan man was found dead after allegedly telling police that he would confess to ATV crimes targeting supporters of former President Trump and law enforcement. One incident involved a four-wheeler that a driver used to plow down an 80-year-old man who was placing Trump signs in his yard. The elderly victim was hospitalized Sunday in critical condition. The Hancock City Police Department received a message from an individual on Samson Street in Quincy Township on Monday who stated they wanted to "confess a crime involving an ATV driver within the last 24 hours," according to a press release from the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office. The caller further told police to "send someone to pick me up," the press release said. Officers and deputies responded to the address and discovered a 22-year-old male suspect at the scene who was "deceased with a single self-inflicted gunshot wound," the sheriff’s office said. DEARBORN’S ANTI-BIDEN ACTIVISTS WON’T RUBBER-STAMP PRESIDENT’S HARRIS ENDORSEMENTDeputies obtained a search warrant for the residence and recovered several electronic devices. The sheriff's office said the devices will be searched by computer forensic specialists. Authorities said additional evidence was located at the scene, "including the four-wheeler used during the incident in the city, as well as clothing that the suspect had been wearing during the original incident." The press release stated that the crimes reported in the City of Hancock "appear to be politically motivated, involving victims who displayed Trump election signs and law enforcement stickers and flags commonly referred to as ‘thin blue line’ paraphernalia.""The Houghton County Sheriff’s Office and the Hancock Police Department do not condone any violence against any political candidates. There is no further threat to the public at this time," the press release said. The sheriff's office said that no further details would be released amid the ongoing investigation. TRUMP SAYS HE 'TOOK A BULLET FOR DEMOCRACY' AT MASSIVE BATTLEGROUND STATE RALLY ALONGSIDE RUNNING MATE VANCEOther agencies that assisted at the scene include Houghton City Police, Michigan State Police, Mercy EMS, Houghton County Medical Examiner’s Office, and the FBI Field Office out of Marquette, Michigan. On Sunday, the Hancock Police Department said officers responded to three different incidents that appeared to be politically motivated. Two involved vehicles that were intentionally vandalized. 
  • Trump shooter made chilling Google search on day he registered for Butler rallyTrump shooter made chilling Google search on day he registered for Butler rally
    Thomas Matthew Crooks searched Google regarding the assassination of President Kennedy on the day he registered to attend former President Trump's rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed that detail during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday."Somewhere around July 6 or so, [Crooks] became very focused on former President Trump and this rally," Wray told lawmakers. "One of the things that I can share here today that has not been shared yet is that we've just in the last couple days found analysis of a laptop that the investigation ties to the shooter, [which] reveals that on July 6, he did a Google search for, quote, how far away was Oswald from Kennedy? That's a search that obviously is significant in terms of his state of mind," he added.SENATOR POINTS TO ‘MISTAKE’ SECRET SERVICE MADE IN BLAME GAME OVER SWEEPING BUILDING WHERE TRUMP SHOOTER WAS"That is the same day that it appears that he registered for the Butler rally," Wray clarified.Wray's testimony is the third time in as many days that Congress has held a hearing regarding the investigation into the attempted assassination of Trump.SECRET SERVICE EQUITY DIRECTOR SAYS DEI AGENDA IS A ‘MISSION IMPERATIVE,’ THE ‘ULTIMATE GOAL’Former Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle delivered testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Monday, and she resigned soon after. The House Homeland Security Committee heard testimony from Pennsylvania State Police on Tuesday, followed by Wray's hearing on Wednesday.Several lawmakers traveled to Butler earlier this week to view the scene firsthand. Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., recorded himself on Monday climbing the roof from where Crooks fired on Trump and expressed astonishment that the Secret Service did not secure it.PROFILER SAYS TRUMP SHOOTER, THOMAS MATTHEW CROOKS, LIKELY NOT POLITICALLY MOTIVATED, WAS ‘ORGANIZED THINKER’"And so what really bothers me, and the reason I got up on the roof — I'm 70 — was for the director to say, ‘Well, the steepness of the roof won't allow Secret Service agents to be up there.’ That was the final straw for me," he said."I could run around on that roof all day long," Giminez added.Cheatle had previously said the "sloped roof" had prevented Secret Service agents from being stationed on the building.
  • FBI Director Wray reveals 5 key details about Trump shooters' stash of explosives, weaponsFBI Director Wray reveals 5 key details about Trump shooters' stash of explosives, weapons
    FBI Director Christopher Wray offered new details about the explosive devices found in Thomas Matthew Crooks' car and home during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.Wray is facing questions from lawmakers about the FBI's investigation into Crooks' attempted assassination of former President Trump at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.Here are the key details Wray offered regarding the explosives.Wray says investigators have so far found three explosive devices they believe belonged to Crooks. Two were found inside Crooks' vehicle near the Butler rally, and one more was found inside his home.ROOFTOP BODYCAM VIDEO SHOWS CONFUSION AMONG OFFICIALS, RIFLE SHOOTER USED IN DEADLY ATTEMPT ON TRUMPWray described the bombs as "relatively crude," but he added they still posed a major threat.Despite the crude nature of the explosives, Wray said they were rigged for remote detonation.Wray did not offer details about the range of the remote detonators, but he said it does not appear that Crooks attempted to set them off before being killed by Secret Service counter snipers.SECRET SERVICE DIRECTOR CHEATLE RESIGNS AFTER MOUNTING PRESSURE IN WAKE OF TRUMP ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTCrooks had the remote detonator for the explosives with him on the rooftop when he opened fire at Trump.Wray did not detail the size of the detonator but said Crooks was able to carry it with him onto the rooftop along with his rifle. The FBI director said that the state of the on-off switch on the detonator indicated it would not have worked had Crooks attempted to activate the bombs after opening fire on Trump.Wray confirmed that the FBI has gained access to Crooks' phone, but he said their efforts have been hampered thanks to Crooks' routine use of encrypted messaging apps.Wray said the investigation has not ruled out the possibility that Crooks was working with one or more accomplices.Wray said FBI investigators have found and recovered the drone Crooks used to scout out the area where Trump's rally was taking place.He said both the drone and the controller were in Crooks' vehicle at the time of the shooting.Investigators believe Crooks flew the drone around near the venue between 3:50 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the day of the rally. The drone was roughly 200 yards away from the stage during the flight.
  • Whistleblower reveals why Trump rally officer assigned to shooter’s perch movedWhistleblower reveals why Trump rally officer assigned to shooter’s perch moved
    Whistleblowers have told Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley that a law enforcement officer who was assigned to monitor the roof of a building that would-be former President Trump assassin Thomas Crooks fired from on July 13 left their post because it was "too hot."Crooks, 20, fired multiple rounds from the roof of American Glass Research (AGR) Building 6, which was outside the rally perimeter but had a direct line of sight to where the former president was standing on stage at his campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania."This comes from a whistleblower with direct knowledge of the Secret Service plan and setup that day," Hawley said. "And what this whistleblower tells my office is that there was at least one law enforcement person assigned to the roof itself. In other words, the plan called for a law enforcement individual to be on the roof at all times during the rally. And that did not happen. And what the whistleblower tells me is the law enforcement individual who was assigned to that roof abandoned it."Butler's temperature reached a high of 92 degrees on July 13, and prior to the assassination attempt, emergency personnel at the rally were mostly focused on attending to people suffering from heat-related illnesses.TRUMP ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT AFTER SECRET SERVICE FAILURES PROMPTS CALLS FOR DRASTIC AGENT RECRUITMENT CHANGESHawley, who visited the rally site on Friday, noted that the AGR building in question was about 150 yards or fewer from the main stage of Trump's rally.TRUMP SHOOTING: TIMELINE OF ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTWhile Congress has confirmed that Crooks purchased a ladder at Home Depot prior to the rally shooting that left 50-year-old firefighter and father Corey Comperatore dead and two others — 57-year-old David Dutch and 74-year-old James Copenhaver — critically wounded, he could have accessed the roof of the AGR building without a ladder. Lawmakers who visited the site on Monday were able to reach the roof without a ladder.The same whistleblower told Hawley that multiple law enforcement personnel were also assigned to patrol the perimeter of the building "to make sure that somebody couldn't just jump up" onto the roof, possibly from one of the air-conditioning units jutting out from the windows of the building, the senator said."All of these whistleblowers who've now come forward to my office, saying things like: law enforcement was assigned to be on the roof, and they weren't. They were assigned to be patrolling the perimeter of that building, and they weren't. They were supposed to be communicating over a common radio frequency, and they weren't," Hawley said. "I have to say, none of that surprises me because it is just astounding with those kind of failures and errors that this 20-year-old was able to get up on in plain view of everybody onto that low-slung roof and take multiple shots at the [former] president."AIR FORCE VETERAN AT TRUMP RALLY SAYS ‘SOMETHING WASN’T RIGHT' BEFORE WOULD-BE ASSASSIN OPENED FIREApproximately one hour passed between the time law enforcement officials first identified a suspicious person near the rally grounds and the time Crooks fired. Officials temporarily lost sight of the suspicious person, but then around 5:52 p.m., a sniper "had eyes on him," which was about 20 minutes before the gunfire rang out, Hawley said, citing a briefing he attended with former Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle last week.The whistleblower also told Hawley that the Secret Service had delegated the AGR building and the roof to local or state law enforcement but noted that both local and federal officials have been pushing blame onto one another.PENNSYLVANIA OFFICERS NOT ALLOWED IN SECRET SERVICE COMMAND CENTER AT TRUMP RALLY, LAWMAKERS SAY ON SITE"There's a lot of effort on the part of both Secret Service, on the one hand, and DHS on the other hand, and then also state and local law enforcement to push the responsibility off onto each other. So this is just why we need to get these facts into the open. We need to have real and substantive hearings, not like the one [on Monday] where the former Secret Service director wouldn't even respond to questions. What a farce that was," Hawley said.His comments came the same day Cheatle resigned from her position on Tuesday morning."To the Men and Women of the U.S. Secret Service, The Secret Service’s solemn mission is to protect our nation’s leaders and financial infrastructure," Cheatle wrote in a letter to the agency obtained by Fox News. "On July 13th, we fell short on that mission."TRUMP SHOOTING SITE GIVES BIRDS-EYE VIEW OF ‘DISORGANIZED’…
  • Bryan Kohberger seeks to move murder trial out of small community leaning toward convictionBryan Kohberger seeks to move murder trial out of small community leaning toward conviction
    The suspect accused of killing four students at the University of Idaho is requesting his trial be moved to Boise, Idaho, for a more fair trial. Bryan Kohberger, the defendant accused of carrying out the highly-publicized 2022 mass murder in Latah County, says the area has become too saturated with media coverage asserting his guilt before the trial."The prolific media coverage, in Latah County, is not a mere passing story," Anne Taylor, a public defender for Kohberger, said on Tuesday. "The content is not benign, rather, it is inflammatory, emotion evoking and often misleading, false, and poorly sourced. WHAT BRYAN KOHBERGER'S COURTROOM SEATING SAYS ABOUT HIS LAWYER'S CONFIDENCE: EXPERTS"There is no reasonable belief that media coverage will slow, regardless of how long the case takes to prepare for trial," Taylor continued. A 4 a.m. home invasion left four undergrads dead on Nov. 13, 2022 – Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20.Police found a Ka-Bar knife sheath under Mogen's body that allegedly had Kohberger's DNA on the snap. IDAHO MURDERS: BRYAN KOHBERGER DEFENSE 'FIRMLY BELIEVES' IN SUSPECT'S INNOCENCEAccording to court documents, investigators also tracked Kohberger's Hyundai Elantra on a meandering route around the area to and from the crime scene.The trial has already been postponed for more than a year as defense attorneys accuse the prosecution of slow-walking the disclosure of evidence through discovery."Latah County, Idaho is a small, tightly knit community; based on survey results it is a community with a prejudgment for conviction and death sentence," Taylor said in her change-of-venue motion.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPShe added, "Some of the major employers in the community are people connected to law enforcement and the University of Idaho."Kohberger faces four charges of first-degree murder and a felony burglary count. If he is convicted, he could face the death penalty.He is due back in court in August for a hearing on his defense team's motion to change venue.Fox News Digital's Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.


  • Death toll reaches 6 in Mexican tequila distillery blastDeath toll reaches 6 in Mexican tequila distillery blast
    Rescue teams on Wednesday found another body at a tequila distillery in Mexico a day after an explosion and fire, bringing the death toll to six. Two workers were injured.The factory belongs to the Jose Cuervo company, one of Mexico's most famous tequila brands.POSEIDON VS. CHAAC: MEXICO 'CANCELS' STATUE OF GREEK GOD AFTER COMPLAINT FROM MAYA INDIGENOUS GROUPSThe local civil defense posted on X that the latest body was found in a waste area where large containers had collapsed.The company on Tuesday said the explosion occurred as employees were carrying out maintenance work. Authorities on Tuesday night said the situation was under control, but on Wednesday morning a fire broke out in a storage area with cardboard and other materials.The town of Tequila is about 375 miles northwest of Mexico City. Overlooked by a volcano and surrounded by plantations of agave, the plant from which the liquor is produced, life in the municipality of 40,000 residents revolves around tequila production and the tourism it generates.
  • Britain’s new Prime Minister Keir Starmer faces his first House of Commons grilling from lawmakersBritain’s new Prime Minister Keir Starmer faces his first House of Commons grilling from lawmakers
    Newly elected British leader Keir Starmer faced a House of Commons milestone on Wednesday, fielding lawmakers’ queries at the boisterous weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session.It was the first such session since Starmer’s Labour Party won a landslide election victory on July 4, returning to power after 14 years. The center-left party won 412 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons.KEIR STARMER ELECTED NEW UK PRIME MINISTER AFTER BIG LABOUR PARTY WINStarmer is more accustomed to asking the questions after spending four years as leader of the opposition to a Conservative government. Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak now fills that role as leader of the defeated Conservative Party.Starmer was greeted with a loud cheer by Labour lawmakers packed onto the green benches in the Commons. The often rambunctious spectacle of PMQs struck an unusually cordial note, as Sunak and Starmer stressed their mutual commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense against Russia's invasion.The prime minister told the opposition leader he "wholeheartedly agree" on the need to arm Ukraine and set it on the path to NATO membership — words not often heard between them.The two politicians also sent best wishes to British athletes at the Paris Olympics, although, Sunak added, "I’m probably not the first person they want to hear advice from on how to win."Labour won a landslide election victory over the Conservatives on July 4 on a promise to get the U.K.’s sluggish economy growing, unleash a wave of housebuilding and green energy projects and patch the country’s frayed public services.Labour’s large majority means Starmer should easily be able to pass legislation. But he has already had to quell a rebellion, suspending seven Labour lawmakers for voting against the party over social welfare.The government is under pressure from anti-poverty groups and many Labour lawmakers to scrap a policy introduced by the Conservatives that limits a widely paid welfare benefit and tax credit to a family’s first two children. The new government says it can’t afford to immediately abolish the two-child cap.On Tuesday night, seven Labour lawmakers on the left of the party sided with an opposition call to scrap the limit. The party said the seven, who include former deputy leader John McDonnell, had been suspended from Labour’s parliamentary caucus for at least six months. They will remain lawmakers, but will sit as independents.Zarah Sultana, one of the suspended legislators, said she had "slept well knowing that I took a stand against child poverty that is affecting 4.3 million people in this country.""It is the right thing to do and I am glad I did it," she told broadcaster ITV.
  • Man charged over attempted murder of Salman Rushdie accused of ties to HezbollahMan charged over attempted murder of Salman Rushdie accused of ties to Hezbollah
    A court filing made last week in New York alleged that the man charged with trying to murder Salman Rushdie may have had ties to Hezbollah and provided them with "material support." "Between in and about September 2020… the defendant, HADI MATAR, a citizen of the United States, knowingly did attempt to provide material support and resources … to a designated foreign terrorist organization, namely, Hizballah," the indictment, filed on July 17, claimed. Matar, 26, was charged with repeatedly stabbing Rushdie on Aug. 12, 2022 on stage at the Chautauqua Institution just as the award-winning author was about to give a lecture. Emergency responders airlifted him to a hospital in northwestern Pennsylvania, where he underwent life-saving surgery. Matar will finally stand trial for the attack, having refused a plea deal, and following a minor delay after the publication of Rushdie’s memoir, "Knife," that detailed his experience of the attack. He already faced charges of attempted murder and assault, and the plea deal required him to plead guilty to a federal terrorism-related charge, which had yet to be filed at the time.TOP DEM WHO VISITED BUTLER SAYS LOCAL OFFICIALS TOLD HIM ‘WE NEED TO TALK’ MORE ABOUT SECRET SERVICE FAILURESNow, unsealed in U.S. District Court in Buffalo on Wednesday, Matar faces charges of attempting to support Hezbollah, the terrorist group based in Lebanon and backed by Iran. The charge includes a requirement to turn over all electronic devices should he be convicted on any of the charges alleged in the indictment. Authorities would have to confiscate several hard drives, a PlayStation 4, two cellphones and a laptop in addition to several knives. BRYAN KOHBERGER SEEKS TO MOVE MURDER TRIAL OUT OF SMALL COMMUNITY LEANING TOWARD CONVICTIONBoth cases will now proceed to trial separately, with jury selection for the state charges set for Oct. 15. Matar has remained in custody without bail since the attack occurred. The attack on Rushdie left him blind in one eye, and he suffered damage to his liver and the nerves in one of his arms. Matar claimed he had attacked Rushdie due to the fatwa put out against the author in 1989 by Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini calling for Rushdie’s death due to the publication of the novel "The Satanic Verses."MISSOURI WOMAN SANDRA HEMME WHO SPENT 43 YEARS IN PRISON FREED AFTER MURDER CONVICTION OVERTURNEDThe novel prompted worldwide protests following its publication in 1988. The book's publication led to the murder of its Japanese translator, and "others associated with it were attacked," according to "60 Minutes." The fatwa drove Rushdie to flee to the United Kingdom, where he lived for years before diplomatic negotiations led the Iranian state to declare the affair "completely finished" and insist that the country would not encourage anyone else to threaten Rushdie’s life.However, Iranian clerics and religious groups continued to urge followers to kill Rushdie, periodically raising the bounty on his head, which amounts to just shy of $4 million, according to Reuters.   Despite admitting that he had read little of "The Satanic Verses," Matar stabbed Rushdie because the author had "attacked Islam" and, on top of that, he did not like Rushdie very much. The Associated Press contributed to this report.
  • New Zealand inquiry reveals 'unimaginable' abuse in care institutions over 5 decadesNew Zealand inquiry reveals 'unimaginable' abuse in care institutions over 5 decades
    New Zealand’s wide-ranging independent inquiry into the abuse of children and vulnerable adults in care over the span of five decades released a blistering final report Wednesday that found the country’s state agencies and churches failed to prevent, stop or admit to the abuse of those they were supposed to look after — even when they knew about it.The scale of the abuse was "unimaginable" with an estimated 200,000 people abused in seven decades, the report said. Scrutiny of state and faith-run institutions was lax and predators rarely faced repercussions.In response to the findings, New Zealand’s government agreed for the first time that historical treatment of some children in a notorious state-run hospital amounted to torture, and pledged an apology to all those abused in state, foster and religious care since 1950. But Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said it was too soon to divulge how much the government expected to pay in compensation — a bill the inquiry said would run to the billions of dollars — or to promise that officials involved in denying and covering up the abuse would lose their jobs.LAWSUIT ALLEGES DECADES OF CHILD SEX ABUSE AT ILLINOIS JUVENILE DETENTION CENTERS STATEWIDEThe publication of findings by the Royal Commission — the highest level of inquiry that can be undertaken in New Zealand — capped a six-year investigation that followed two decades of similar probes around the world, echoing other nations’ struggles to reckon with authorities’ transgressions against children removed from their families and placed in state and religious care.The results were a "national disgrace," the inquiry’s report said. Of 650,000 children and vulnerable adults in state, foster, and church care between 1950 and 2019 — in a country that today has a population of just 5 million — nearly a third endured physical, sexual, verbal or psychological abuse. Many more were exploited or neglected, the report said. The figures were likely higher, though precise numbers would never be known because complaints were disregarded and records were lost or destroyed."These gross violations occurred at the same time as Aotearoa New Zealand was promoting itself, internationally and domestically, as a bastion of human rights and as a safe, fair country in which to grow up as a child in a loving family," the inquiry heads wrote, using both the Māori and English names for the country."If this injustice is not addressed, it will remain as a stain on our national character forever," read the 3,000-page report.DOZENS OF CHILDREN WERE ABUSED IN PENNSYLVANIA'S JUVENILE FACILITIES, LAWSUITS ALLEGEHundreds of survivors and their supporters filled the public gallery Wednesday in New Zealand’s Parliament, where lawmakers responded to the findings.The report lambasted some senior figures in government and faith institutions, who it said continued to cover up and excuse abuse throughout public hearings into the matter. Many of the worst episodes had long been common knowledge, it said, and officials at the time of the abuse were "either oblivious or indifferent" about protecting children, instead shoring up the reputations of their institutions and of abusers.The inquiry made 138 recommendations across all areas of New Zealand law, society and government. It adds to dozens of interim recommendations in 2021 that urged swift redress for those abused, some of whom were sick or dying — of which little has been enacted.The government pledged Wednesday to supply answers by the end of the year about plans for redress, although the inquiry decried the scant progress made by successive governments to date.The fresh recommendations include seeking apologies from state and church leaders, including Pope Francis, for the abuse of children and vulnerable adults and for disbelieving decades of accounts. The inquiry also endorsed creating dedicated offices to prosecute abusers and enact redress, renaming the streets and monuments that are currently dedicated to abusers, reforming civil and criminal law, rewriting the child welfare system, and searching for unmarked graves at psychiatric facilities.Among investigations worldwide, New Zealand’s inquiry was notable for its scale — the widest-ranging such probe ever undertaken, according to those leading it. It examined abuse in state institutions, foster care, faith-based care, and medical and educational settings, interviewing nearly 2,500 survivors of abuse.Children were removed arbitrarily and unfairly from their families, the report said, and the majority of New Zealand’s criminal gang members and prisoners are believed to have spent time in care.As in Australia and Canada, Indigenous children were targeted for placement in harsher facilities and subject to worse abuse. The majority of children in care were Māori, despite the group comprising less than…
  • 1 dead, 3 injured after storm blows down tree at Cambodian Angkor temple complex, damaging statues1 dead, 3 injured after storm blows down tree at Cambodian Angkor temple complex, damaging statues
    One person was killed and three others injured at Cambodia’s famed centuries-old Angkor temple complex after a large tree was blown down onto their vehicle during a fierce rainstorm, a government statement said Wednesday.The accident occurred late Tuesday afternoon at the southern gate to Angkor Thom, which is near the more famous Angkor Wat temple and part of the same archaeological complex in the northwestern province of Siem Reap, about 200 miles northwest of the capital, Phnom Penh.The site is Cambodia’s most popular tourist attraction and in the first half of this year attracted more than half a million international tourists, according to Cambodia's Tourism Ministry.CAMBODIA ARMY BASE EXPLOSION THAT KILLED 20 WAS LIKELY CAUSED BY MISHANDLING MUNITIONS, MILITARY OFFICIAL SAYSThe tree fell on a tuk-tuk — a kind of motorized three-wheeled vehicle popular in South and Southeast Asia — killing the driver instantly and injuring its three passengers, one critically, according to a statement issued by the Siem Reap Provincial Administration on Wednesday.Several statues on the balustrade of what is called Tonle Oum Gate were also damaged by the fallen tree, the statement said.The Apsara National Authority, the government agency that oversees the archaeological park, posted photos late Tuesday on its official Facebook page showing the fallen tree in front of the temple entrance. The agency later announced that the fallen tree had been removed so that the entrance was again accessible for visitors.The Angkor site sprawls across some 155 square miles, containing the ruins of capitals of various Cambodian empires from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Scholars consider it to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.
  • North Korean trash balloon drops garbage on South Korea’s presidential compoundNorth Korean trash balloon drops garbage on South Korea’s presidential compound
    Trash carried by at least one North Korean balloon fell on the South Korean presidential compound on Wednesday, raising worries about the security of key South Korean facilities during North Korean provocations.The rubbish that landed on the presidential compound in central Seoul contained no dangerous material and no one was hurt, South Korea’s presidential security service said. While North Korea likely lacks sophisticated technology to drop balloons on specific targets, some experts say South Korea should shoot down incoming North Korean balloons next time to protect major facilities because they might contain hazardous substances in the future.North Korea's latest balloon launches came days after South Korea boosted its broadcasts of K-pop songs and propaganda messages across the two countries' heavily armed border. Their tit-for-tat Cold War-style campaigns are inflaming tensions, with the rivals threatening stronger steps and warning of grave consequences.SOUTH KOREA PREPARING 'STARWARS' LASER DEFENSE SYSTEM TO TAKE OUT NORTH KOREAN DRONESSeoul officials earlier said North Korea used the direction of winds to fly balloons toward South Korea, but some of the past balloons had timers that were likely meant to pop the bags of trash in midair.The security service gave no further details about the rubbish found at the presidential compound. It refused to disclose whether President Yoon Suk Yeol was at the compound when the balloons were flying over his office, a no-fly zone in South Korea.If North Korea is found to have used timers or any other device to deliberately dump trash on the presidential office, it would invite a strong response by South Korea. But experts say dropping balloons on selected ground targets requires advanced technology and that North Korea would certainly lack such an ability."Some of (the hundreds of balloons) launched by North Korea landed on the presidential compound by coincidence. North Korea has no technology to precisely drop balloons at certain targets," said Jung Chang Wook, head of the Korea Defense Study Forum think tank in Seoul.Jung said that a GPS navigation device and a power system would need to be attached to a balloon to make it fall on certain sites and that North Korea doesn't possess such balloons. He said North Korea likely wanted the balloons to fall on Seoul, about an hour's drive from the border, after calculating factors like the weight of the trash bags tied to the balloons, the volume of air in the balloons and the weather conditions.Lee Illwoo, an expert with the Korea Defense Network in South Korea, said strong winds in Seoul would also make it impossible for North Korea to target certain places with balloons.South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said earlier Wednesday that North Korea had resumed floating balloons across the border, the 10th such launch since late May.The more than 2,000 North Korean balloons discovered in South Korea in the past weeks carried wastepaper, scraps of cloth, cigarette butts and even manure. North Korea has said it was responding to South Korean activists who have scattered political leaflets across the border via their own balloons.North Korea’s balloons haven’t caused any major damage but have raised security jitters among people worried it could use such balloons to drop chemical and biological agents.South Korea has avoided shooting at the balloons because of possible damage caused by falling bullets and the chance that the balloons might contain hazardous substances.Lee said South Korea should still shoot down North Korean balloons in border areas because attacking them over the populous Seoul area would be too risky if they contain dangerous items like biological agents. But there are worries that doing so could cause skirmishes with North Korea. Jung said South Korea could use recently developed laser weapons to intercept North Korean balloons.Experts say North Korea considers leafleting activities by South Korean civilian groups a major threat to its efforts to stop the inflow of foreign news and maintain its authoritarian rule. In furious responses to past South Korean leafleting, North Korea destroyed an empty South Korean-built liaison office in its territory in 2020 and fired at incoming balloons in 2014.South Korea said Sunday it was ramping up its anti-North Korean propaganda broadcasts from loudspeakers at all major sites along the land border because the North was continuing its launches of trash-carrying balloons. South Korea restarted its loudspeaker broadcasts last Thursday for the first time in about 40 days in retaliation for North Korea's previous balloon activities.Observers say the propaganda broadcasts can demoralize front-line North Korean troops and residents. In 2015, North Korea fired artillery rounds across the…
  • Families of US citizens held by Hamas pin hopes on Netanyahu’s address to CongressFamilies of US citizens held by Hamas pin hopes on Netanyahu’s address to Congress
    JERUSALEM – With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to address both houses of Congress on Wednesday, families of U.S. citizens held hostage by the Hamas terror group in Gaza for some 292 days expressed hope that he will use the high-profile platform to finally announce a cease-fire deal that will release them. Ahead of his flight to Washington, D.C., Netanyahu’s office released a statement saying that Israel would return to the negotiating table this week in the hopes of securing a deal with the U.S.-designated terror group to release hostages in exchange for a cease-fire of the nine-month-old war that has killed thousands on both sides. Eight U.S. citizens have been held by Hamas since Oct. 7, when hundreds of its elite Nukhba terrorists infiltrated southern Israel, brutally attacking army bases, civilian communities and a massive music festival taking place near the border. Some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were murdered in the attack, with an estimated 250 individuals taken captive by the Palestinian terror group. NETANYAHU'S 4 PRINCIPLES ISRAEL AGREES TO FOR HOSTAGE DEAL AS NEGOTIATIONS PICK UPWhile a weeklong cease-fire last November secured the release of more than 100 of the hostages, around 120 people remain in captivity, including eight U.S. citizens: California-born Hersch Goldberg-Polin, 23, who moved to Israel with his family, was kidnapped from the Nova Music Festival. Sagui Dekel Chen, 35, who grew up in New Jersey, and Keith Siegel, 64, from North Carolina, were both taken from their homes in kibbutz communities near the Gaza border. While Eden Alexander, 19, from Tenafly, New Jersey, and Omer Neutra from Long Island, New York – both serving in the Israel Defense Forces – were taken from their military bases. In April, Hamas released video recordings of both Goldberg-Polin, who is known to have had his arm blown off during the Oct. 7 attack, and from Keith Siegel, giving hope to their families that they are still alive despite the longevity of their captivity. Three other U.S. citizens – Judy Weinstein and her husband, Gad Haggai, and 19-year-old Itay Chen – are believed to have been murdered in captivity by Hamas, who are still holding onto their bodies. An additional 44 hostages have also been declared dead by the Israeli military. Last week, Ronen and Orna Neutra, the parents of Omer Neutra, spoke at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, calling on U.S. and Israeli leaders to strike a deal to release all the hostages. "This was not merely an attack on Israel; this was and remains an attack on Americans," Ronen Neutra said, highlighting that 45 of the 1,200 people murdered by Hamas on Oct. 7 were Americans.'I WILL BE HAUNTED FOREVER’: ISRAEL’S HORRIFIC VIDEO OF HAMAS ATROCITIES LEAVES VIEWERS SHOCKED AND SICKENEDOn Monday, not long after he touched down in Washington, Netanyahu agreed to meet with representatives of the eight families, according to a readout. The families told the prime minister that their loved ones cannot wait any longer and that he must close the deal now. They also called on him to address the plight of the eight American hostages when he speaks to Congress on Wednesday. "The families told Netanyahu in no uncertain terms that they expect him to announce this week that he has finalized the deal to bring their family members home," a statement from the meeting read. "Anything less, they said, would constitute an abject failure of his trip to Washington." Also on Monday, the families of U.S. hostages met with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Brett McGurk, who said there is a solid deal on the table and that it would just take "political determination and cooperation from both sides" to secure it.Netanyahu – who will also meet with President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Trump during his trip – also expressed hope that a deal could be achieved during a meeting with 13 additional hostage relatives, who traveled with him from Israel. In that meeting, he said that he was "determined to return them all" and that "the conditions for returning them are becoming ripe, for the simple reason that we are putting very strong pressure on Hamas."Netanyahu also said that his visit to the U.S. and the chance to address lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and in both houses would afford him "the opportunity to bring before the representatives of the American people, and the American people themselves the importance of their support for our efforts, with them, to bring about the release of all of the hostages, the living and the deceased."
  • Netanyahu to address Congress, meet Biden as Israelis ponder relationship: 'American people are with us'Netanyahu to address Congress, meet Biden as Israelis ponder relationship: 'American people are with us'
    JERUSALEM — Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington, D.C., on Monday evening in preparation for his address to Congress on Wednesday. He will hold his first meeting with President Biden on U.S. soil since the Iran-backed terrorist movement Hamas slaughtered nearly 1,200 people on Oct. 7, including some 30 Americans, and took about 250 hostages.The two leaders have had sharp disagreements over Israel’s prosecution of the war in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas is based. A telling example was Israel’s decision to defy Biden and seek military control over the southern Gaza City of Rafah, the last main stronghold of Hamas battalions and hostages held by the U.S.-designated terrorist entity.Caroline Glick, an American-Israeli commentator and former adviser to Netanyahu, told Fox News Digital, "Biden's meeting with Netanyahu finds the two leaders on opposite ends of the spectrum. Like the vast majority of Israelis, Netanyahu remains committed to achieving Israel's war goals of destroying Hamas as a military and political entity, returning all the hostages, preventing Gaza from ever threatening Israel in the future, and changing the strategic balance in northern Israel completely in Israel's favor to permit the 80,000 Israeli residents of the border towns with Lebanon to return to their homes safely after living in hotels since they were evacuated in October."BIDEN'S $230 MILLION GAZA PIER QUIETLY SHUTS DOWN, US SENATOR LABELS PROJECT ‘NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT’According to Glick, who lives in Jerusalem, "Biden seeks a cease-fire that achieves none of these goals. In their meeting, Biden will pressure Netanyahu to abandon Israel's war goals and accept a cease-fire. Netanyahu will seek to secure weapons supplies to ensure Israel has what it requires to win."The incursion into Rafah in May prompted Hamas to soften its negotiating position in talks this month about a cease-fire and the release of the hostages, according to Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister issued boilerplate diplomatic language about his government’s relations with the Biden administration that has at times pandered to anti-Israel elements within its far-left base, according to veteran observers of the relationship.Netanyahu is expected to meet Biden on Thursday to discuss the goals of the war. The Times of Israel reported that the prime minister said upon leaving Israel for D.C. on Monday that the meeting was "an opportunity to discuss with him how to advance in the critical months ahead the goals that are important for both our countries: achieving the release of all our hostages, defeating Hamas, confronting the terror axis of Iran, and ensuring that all of Israel’s citizens can return safely to their homes in the north and the south."Biden continues to push for a cease-fire to stop the war and that Netanyahu provide a concrete plan for a post-Hamas Gaza.ISRAEL STRIKES IRAN-BACKED HOUTHIS AFTER TEHRAN PROXY ATTACKED JEWISH STATE: 'SIGNIFICANCE IS CLEAR'Fox News Digital interviewed Israelis across the Jewish state – roughly the size of New Jersey – about the complex dynamics of Israel-American relations and what Netanyahu’s trip means for both democracies, especially as Netanyahu gets ready to address Congress on Wednesday."Right now I think it is extremely important for Bibi (the nickname for Netanyahu) to go to Congress to tell those who are pro-Israel that we need help. My fear and my disgust is with the Democrats, especially the current President Biden, who does not like Israel," said Dov Yitzchak Neal, who lives in Gush Etzion, which is located in the Judean mountains. The international community refers to the biblical region of Judea and Samaria as the West Bank. Neal said that because Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East, "America must support this country because this country has American values."Dalia, who lives in Israel’s second-largest city, Tel Aviv, echoed Neal’s point."Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is an ally of the United States. And the relationship and the friendship between the two is critical, and I will hope it will remain forever. Biden has been relatively supportive, relatively being the operative word." She also lambasted the hard left-wing Democrat "Squad" members of Congress because of their anti-Israel views.NETANYAHU SEEMS TO CONTRADICT BIDEN CEASE-FIRE OFFER: 'NON-STARTER' IF ALL CONDITIONS NOT METDavid Binet, who also lives in Tel Aviv, said "America needs to acknowledge that Israel is its greatest ally in the region and at the forefront of the fight against militant Islamic terrorism."Tzvia, who was in the heart of the famous Jerusalem market, said, "I don’t think Biden does enough for Israel. I think he needs to do more for us. Be united with us against Iran,…
  • India's Modi sets aside billions for jobs, allies in post-election budgetIndia's Modi sets aside billions for jobs, allies in post-election budget
    India's government assigned billions of dollars for job creation and regions run by key coalition partners in a budget aimed at cementing the coalition and winning back voters after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's election setback.Tax changes unveiled in the budget included a higher levy on equity investments to allay concerns the market might be overheating and lower taxes for foreign companies to attract more investment.INDIAN PM MODI VISITS RUSSIA VISIT FOR FIRST TIME SINCE START OF UKRAINE WARThe $576 billion in total outlays included $32 billion for rural programs, $24 billion to be spent over five years to create jobs, and more than $5 billion for two states ruled by coalition partners."In this budget, we particularly focus on employment, skilling, small businesses, and the middle class," Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Tuesday.The government will also implement reforms across factors of production, including land and labor, she said.Subsequent budgets would continue to focus on those areas, Sitharaman said while presenting her seventh annual budget.Despite the new spending, India cut its fiscal deficit target to 4.9% of gross domestic product in fiscal year ending on March 31, 2025, from 5.1% in February's interim budget, helped by a large surplus of $25 billion from the central bank.The government also marginally reduced gross market borrowing to 14.01 trillion rupees.Economist had blamed the distress in rural areas and a weak job market for a poor poll showing that cost Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) its absolute majority. They say land and labor reforms are essential for India to sustain strong economic growth.Asia's third-largest economy grew 8.2% in the past fiscal year and the government sees growth of 6.5% to 7% this fiscal year, a report showed on Monday.Sakshi Gupta, principal economist at HDFC Bank, said the budget managed to strike a balance between policies supporting growth and maintaining fiscal discpline.However, implementing more ambitious reforms, will be "challenging" for the coalition, Gene Fang, associate managing director for sovereign risk at Moody's Ratings, told Reuters.Previous attempts to make it easier for companies to acquire land and lay off staff have repeatedly faced pushback from states concerned about protests such measures might provoke.Among measures aimed at boosting employment, the budget included incentives for companies to train staff as well as and cheaper loans for higher education, Sitharaman said.India's reported urban unemployment rate is 6.7%, but private agency the Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy pegs it higher, at 8.4%.The budget also maintains spending on long-term infrastructure projects at 11.11 trillion rupees, with states assigned 1.5 trillion rupees in long-term loans to fund such expenditure. Some will be linked to reform milestones in areas such as land and labor, which Sitharaman said the government intended to push in its third term.In a concession to the government's allies, Sitharaman said it would hasten loans from multilateral agencies for the eastern state of Bihar and the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.TAX CHANGESIndia raised to 20% from 15% its tax rate for equity investments held for less than a year, while the rate for those held longer than 12 months rose to 12.5% from 10%. The taxes will be applicable from Wednesday.The government also increased the tax on equity derivative transactions that have drawn retail investors, which will be implemented from Oct. 1.Shares and the rupee declined after the budget announcement but recovered most of the losses with main stock indexes .NSEI, .BSESN ending the day down about 0.13%.The tax changes were a short-term negative for the market, but could pay off in the longer term, said Vineet Arora, investment manager at Singapore-based NAV Capital Emerging Star Fund."It is expected to help in stabilizing the market and attracting investors with a long-term perspective on the Indian economy," Arora said.Corporate tax for foreign companies was cut to 35% from 40%, with the aim of encouraging more investment, while a lower tax burden for lower income consumers, expected to encourage spending, helped drive consumer stocks to record highs.
  • US-Russian journalist convicted in secret trial gets 6 1/2 years in penal colony, court saysUS-Russian journalist convicted in secret trial gets 6 1/2 years in penal colony, court says
    A court has convicted Alsu Kurmasheva, a Russian-American journalist for the U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, of spreading false information about the Russian army and sentenced her to 6 and a half years in prison after a secret trial, court records and officials said Monday.Kurmasheva's family, her employer and the U.S. government have rejected the charges against her and have called for her release.The conviction in Kazan, the capital of Russia's central region of Tatarstan, came on Friday, the same day a court in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg convicted Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich of espionage and sentenced him to 16 years in prison in a case that the U.S. called politically motivated.REPORTER EVAN GERSHKOVICH'S CONVICTION, HARSH SENTENCE IN RUSSIA MET WITH OUTRAGE BY JOURNALISTS WORLDWIDEKurmasheva, a 47-year-old editor for RFE/RL’s Tatar-Bashkir language service, was convicted of "spreading false information" about the military after a trial that lasted just two days, according to the website of the Supreme Court of Tatarstan. Court spokesperson Natalya Loseva confirmed Kurmasheva's conviction and revealed the sentence to The Associated Press by phone in the case classified as secret.Kurmasheva was ordered to serve the sentence in a medium-security penal colony, Loseva said."My daughters and I know Alsu has done nothing wrong. And the world knows it too. We need her home," Kurmasheva's husband, Pavel Butorin, said in a post Monday on X.He had said last year the charges stemmed from a book the Tatar-Bashkir service released in 2022 called "No to War" — "a collection of short stories of Russians who don’t want their country to be at war with Ukraine." Butorin had said the book doesn’t contain any "false information."Matthew Miller, the U.S. State Department spokesman, said Kurmasheva is being "targeted by Russian authorities for her uncompromising commitment to speaking the truth and her principled reporting.""We continue to make very clear that she should be released," Miller added.Asked about the case, RFE/RL President and CEO Stephen Capus denounced the trial and conviction of Kurmasheva as "a mockery of justice." "The only just outcome is for Alsu to be immediately released from prison by her Russian captors," he said in a statement to the AP."It’s beyond time for this American citizen, our dear colleague, to be reunited with her loving family," Capus said.Kurmasheva, who holds U.S. and Russian citizenship and lives in Prague with her husband and two daughters, was taken into custody in October 2023 and charged with failing to register as a foreign agent while collecting information about the Russian military.Later, she was also charged with spreading "false information" about the Russian military under legislation that effectively criminalized any public expression about the war in Ukraine that deviates from the Kremlin line. The legislation was adopted in March 2022, just days after the Kremlin sent troops into Ukraine, and has since been used to target Kremlin critics at home and abroad, implicating scores of people in criminal cases and sending dozens to prison.Kurmasheva was initially stopped in June 2023 at Kazan International Airport after traveling to Russia the previous month to visit her ailing elderly mother. Officials confiscated her U.S. and Russian passports and fined her for failing to register her U.S. passport. She was waiting for her passports to be returned when she was arrested on new charges in October that year. RFE/RL has repeatedly called for her release.RFE/RL was told by Russian authorities in 2017 to register as a foreign agent, but it has challenged Moscow’s use of foreign agent laws in the European Court of Human Rights. The organization has been fined millions of dollars by Russia.The organization Reporters Without Borders said Kurmasheva's conviction "illustrates the unprecedented level of despotism permeating a Russian judiciary that takes orders from the Kremlin."It called for Kurmasheva's immediate release and said the purpose of the sentence was to dissuade journalists from traveling to Russia and put pressure on the United States.In February, RFE/RL was outlawed in Russia as an undesirable organization. Its Tatar-Bashkir service is the only major international news provider reporting in those languages, in addition to Russian, to audiences in the multi-ethnic, Muslim-majority Volga-Urals region.The swift and secretive trials of Kurmasheva and Gershkovich in Russia’s highly politicized legal system raised hopes for a possible prisoner swap between Moscow and Washington. Russia has previously signaled a possible exchange involving Gershkovich, but said a verdict in his case must come first.Arrests of Americans are increasingly common in Russia, with nine U.S. citizens known to be detained there as tensions between the…

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